On 28 April 2017, the World Museum in Liverpool opened its newly refurbished Egyptian galleries, after nearly two years of work. Being an Egyptophile, I was, of course, at the museum for when the doors opened at 10.00.

Although I wanted to get some photos of the gallery itself to share on my Egyptology blog, I wanted to do a bit of documentary work too. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the chance to indulge in a bit of street-style photography.

The galleries were quite quiet when I was there; it was a Friday morning outside of the school holidays, after all. There were a few interesting people in there, though. The boy in the first photo with his dad was just a brilliant, enthusiastic, fun little character. His dad dressed him up in a pharaoh costume and then tried to get him to do an Egyptian dance. “Walk like an Egyptian!” were his words to his son, as he did a demonstration sand dance.

The young lady in the third picture asked her mum if the statue she was pointing to was a mummy. A little disappointed when her mum said it wasn’t, I told them where the Mummy Room was.

A group of school children and a group of nursery children arrived when I was in the mummy room. You’ll find them in a couple of photos.

As I was leaving to get a well-earned cup of tea and sit down, the gallery was getting busier. They were having to line up to work their way along the timeline (final photo).

There are visitors in every photo. Some are blindingly obvious; others you may have to look a little harder. Can you find them all …?

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