The summer holidays can be both a blessing and a curse for those with young children. Whilst we get to spend some wonderful, unadulterated time with our precious offspring, the weeks can end up stretching ahead, seemingly endlessly, and we find ourselves searching for fun days out.

This summer, we whiled-away a day being tourists in our city: we went to the Albert Docks. We explored the waterside village full of fairground rides and eateries. We lunched and took in art and culture at the Tate Liverpool. We wandered around the Albert Dock for a while. Then, we finished up by having a ride on the Liverpool Eye.

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but have been utterly rubbish about getting around to it.

I really enjoyed it. I loved going up so high and being able to see across the city. Unfortunately, you only go around three times for your money, and I could’ve done with a few more goes. But at around £30 for the four of us, it was just the one trip.

The little pods you sit in don’t have much leg room, though when it’s just family you don’t mind knocking knees together a bit. And the pods did swing with just the smallest amount of fidgety child. Argh!

But the pods do have panic buttons and intercoms, so if it gets too much, you can ask to be brought down.

Naturally, I wasn’t going to go on the Eye without my camera, so here’s a few shots. You get a fab view of the Albert Docks, Liverpool One and the Anglican cathedral. Well worth it!


Looking up at the Liverpool Eye from the base.
Looking up at the Eye from the entrance
Looking down at a rectangular plaza in front of the Liverpool Echo Arena. Some people are walking along the plaza.
Tiny ant-sized people down below
Looking straight down at the plaza. Two tiny people are walking along.
Tiny ant-people
Looking across buildings from high up in the air. In the foreground is a rectangular piece of water - part of the Albert Docks - with boats moored around the edges and a swan-shaped pedalo in the centre.
Looking towards Liverpool One and the Radio City tower
Looking over buildings and part of the river. The sky's full of large clouds.
Looking southward
Looking at the iconic waterfront from high in the air.
The Three Graces, Albert Dock and Museum of Liverpool
Looking towards the cathedral, which rises majestically above all the other buildings in the area.
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
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