‘Meroë: Africa’s Forgotten Empire’ at the Garstang Museum

The Garstang Museum of Archaeology is the departmental museum for the school of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology at the University of Liverpool.

The museum has just launched its first exhibition, Meroë: Africa’s Forgotten Empire, since its major refurbishment in 2014 (which included a move into the old archaeology library). The exhibition is on from May to September 2016.

The exhibition is primarily a photographic one with enlarged prints of photographs mounted on metal stands around the perimeter of the room. The photographs were taken during John Garstang’s archaeological excavations at the ancient city of Meroë (in modern Sudan) in the years 1910–1914.

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‘Animal mummies’ exhibition at the Manchester Museum

On 15 April 2016, we had a family trip to the Manchester Museum to see the Animal Mummies: Gifts for the Gods exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition was the mummification of animals in Ancient Egypt – why they were mummified and the religious cults with which they were associated. The exhibition also covered the more modern archaeological history of animal mummies and the recent scientific research that’s been done on them.

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Liverpool Pier Head

The Pier Head in Liverpool is a popular tourist destination, and it’s where you’ll find the Three Graces (the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building).

In more recent years, it’s also become home to the Museum of Liverpool. Opened in 2011, it’s now one of Liverpool’s most popular museums, documenting the city from it prehistoric roots right through to the present day. It’s a really great museum with lots to see and loads of interactive bits and pieces for the younger visitor to enjoy.

But what I’m posting about here is not so much what’s inside the museum, but what you can see from it. At both sides of the building on the top floor are sets of huge windows looking out over the Pier Head and the Albert Dock. The views are fantastic.

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