Hi, I’m Julia and I’m a photographer based in Liverpool.

If you’re looking for someone to photograph your event or exhibition, or you’re looking for some environmental portraiture, I’d love to hear from you to see if I can help out.


  • Festivals: music, food, art, culture etc
  • Live music and theatre performances
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Family days

Environmental portraits

(Rather than a formal, posed portrait, environmental portraiture captures you at work or at play, in your own environment.)

  • Small and independent businesses
  • Local interest societies
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Re-enactment groups
  • and more …


  • Photography of exhibitions for promotional purposes
  • Photography for exhibitions for information panels etc

If you need photography for any of the above and like the photos you see at the top of page, please click the button to get more details and photos, or drop me a message via my contact page.

Latest posts

Street photography on a rainy day at Liverpool One

I do love spending a bit of time wandering, documenting life around me. There are so many ways in which people and places can be interesting, and different ways in which I, as a photographer, can capture life.

I like going out in different weather conditions and times of year to see how places change. I also use different lenses, such as my wide-angle lens – where you have to get close to your subject – and my trusty 35 mm (53 mm equivalent). This makes me think more carefully about how I go about using the camera, as well as making me use my legs, too.

One lens I hadn’t taken out around the street, however, is my 50 mm (75 mm equivalent) macro lens. I was interested to see how it fared being put to use out and about, rather than on a tripod, up close-and-personal with small things.

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Photographing children at the Garstang Museum

Comedian W.C. Fields once, famously, said “never work with animals or children” due to their unpredictability. After having spent an afternoon photographing children in the Garstang Museum, I would have to disagree.

Museum curator Dr Gina Criscenzo Laycock asked me to help her get some photos of children in the museum that she can use for promotional purposes. So, I gathered together a gaggle and brought them up to the museum for a session.

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